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Don’t worry, you are not alone! We took the questions we are asked every day about the
BANK CONSULTING BUSINESS and put them in this section to help you better understand our program and business opportunity. If at any time you have additional questions, or you feel that you are ready to take the next step in changing your life, please feel free to contact us via email or phone and speak to one of our representatives.





Why will banks not engage your services and pay you $750,000 or more if you can help them save or recoup $100 million or $100 billion in bad loans and distressed assets?

If you are the CEO of a bank, how much would you be willing to pay someone to help you save or recoup $100 million to $100 billion in bad loans and toxic assets?

Let me ask you this, if you have a problem that could cause you to lose hundreds of millions to billions of dollars, and could even make your business to eventually collapse, and someone comes along with a foolproof solution, to not only solve the problem, but to turn the problem into cash flow and profit income for you, would you engage the person’s services or not?


If you can solve anybody’s problem, that they are willing to pay to solve, they would definitely engage your service!

Like I stated earlier on, for most banks and financial institutions, the bad loans/debts in their balance sheet run into hundreds of millions to billions of dollars. Globally, this is a multi-trillion dollar problem.

This is eventually going to lead to a colossal loss to them. That is why this is the biggest threat to the capital levels, equity and survival of most banks and financial institutions.

In fact, this is one of the biggest problems they have to deal with everyday, to not just survive and remain in business, but to thrive.

Any bank in your area or anywhere in the world, would be willing to not only engage your services, but to also cheerfully give you 25% or more of the bad loan recovered for them because, it is like helping them to recover money they’d not have been able to ever recover again. It is new found money to them.

Don’t just take my word for it. I would like you to do a little practical test today, to convince and PROVE it to yourself, that banks and financial institutions would be willing to engage your service as a bank consultant, based on our system.

EXERCISE: Go to at least 3 banks in your area to discuss with the bank managers or just take up your phone, to call 3 banks and ask to speak with their bank managers or managers in charge of loan administration using the script below:

“Hi Mr. Bank manager, my name is (insert your name), from the Bank Consulting Group ltd. I just have one question for you sir,


  • Would you like to receive 100% cash for your bad/non performing loans or debts owed your bank that is more than 90 days overdue?

  • Do you have non performing loans with debtors that are having difficulty repaying their debt to you or at the risk of not paying you at all?

  • Would you like the value of the debts owed your organization REPAID NOW, without using a solicitor, a debt recovery agency, or litigation?

  • Would you like to resolve debt collection issues, by converting your bad debt into full cash value with no loss and no write down?

  • “If I can help your bank to recoup and convert all the bad loans and toxic assets of your bank into liquid assets, immediate cash flow and profit income within the next 24 hours, at zero cost to you, would you be interested in such a service?”


RESPONSE 1: Yes, of course! Bring it on!

RESPONSE 2: How would you do that?

For response number 2, tell them you would tell them how you can do it for them, but they first have to confirm to you, if this is a type of service they would be interested in.

After they have confirmed their interest to you, tell them, you would call them back to schedule a convenient time you could meet them up, to discuss details of how you can do that for them, because you cannot discuss the details with them over the telephone.

The support never ends. In addition to our monthly newsletters, periodic mailings, updates and online remote training sessions via gototraining.com, if you have need of help, advice or suggestions in client acquisition or in how to help a client solve a particular problem or challenge, assistance is available

You will get unparallel support, such as:

  • -Support to help you get your first bank client in your first 30 days after business is set up

  • -Support to help you engage the services of outsourcing service providers that‘d help you run and manage your business 24/7/365.

  • -Support to help you close deals with clients

  • -Support to help you execute deals and implement solutions for your clients

  • -Support to help you render your consulting service to your clients

  • Lifetime Support and Continuing Education: One thing that makes our licensees so successful is the ongoing support that we provide after your training and your business is fully set up. Whether it’s your first week in business or ten years down the road, we are always there to guide and advise you in any situation. Our trainers, consultants and founders are always a phone call or email away to guide or assist you in any way. After your initial training, we will continue to educate you and provide you with new cutting edge programs to further develop your bank consulting business for no additional fees. Our success is solely based on your success, so we have a vested interest in making sure you succeed with your business.

You don’t. But there is only one way to find out. Try it out on ME — risk free and cost free.

No worries. Try this program out for thirty days at my risk entirely. If it doesn’t’ excite you, if you don’ think you can do it, or if it’s not what you think, merely quit and I’ll return all your money.

Since the upside potential is so great and the downside to you is zero—what in the world do you possibly have to lose by giving it a 30 day try out? Frankly, I believe you’ll actually find out that its value is dramatically greater than I am even suggesting. But you need to discover that for yourself by taking advantage of my thirty day risk less “test drive” offer!

No, you cannot do this business by email and telephone only. You can of course initiate discussions and even get appointments to see bank executives via phone or/and email only.

But the nature of your consulting service business, would require a face to face meeting with executives of those companies to ultimately consummate any transaction with them, with respect to your service as a bank consultant.

Put yourself in the shoes of the bank executives. Would you consummate any transaction with someone you have never met before and send them a check or bank wire transfer for $250k based on your email communication only? It doesn’t work that way.

After you have worked for a bank for the first time, and there is a relationship established, it is possible to conclude the details of any subsequent transaction and payment, based on email or phone communication only, if the situation warrants it. But not before you have established relationship with them. Unless you already have a solid reputation like our company or you already have a direct or indirect relationship with the staff of the company before contacting them.

I once had a client who wired $1.5 million to my bank account before I met them face to face. However, one of my past clients who had a strong relationship with the CEO of the bank told them about me. In that case my business reputation and the relationship with my client who already had a relationship with the client helped establish the trust between us, even before we met face to face.

However, if you are a shy person and not very confident or comfortable at the initial stage of your business, there is a way to run your business without having a face to face meeting with bank executives. You can engage a joint venture marketing partner to handle the face to face meetings for you using the TOM SAWYER SCHOOL OF BUSINESS STRATEGY that we would teach you at our training program.

Most importantly, the knowledge and skill you will gain from the training would give you supreme confidence that would enable you instantly command the respect, attention, and patronage of any bank you choose to do business with. Knowledge breeds confidence.

The moment you learn the ‘Tom Sawyer school of business strategy’, you’ll be able to get all kinds of other people who ARE great at selling, negotiating, marketing, managing and working with other people to do it all for you but (and here’s the great part) you’ll be the one keeping the majority of the profit while THEY do all the real work for you.

Yes, our system includes the solution you need to implement in your client’s business. The system shows you the different type of solutions and ideas to implement for clients. It offers you the very solutions to use per time, and instructional guide on how to implement these in your clients’ businesses. This is your “consulting business in a box” package. Complete with everything you need to operate, with nothing left for you to figure out at any stage.

The system is designed in such a way that it includes letters and ads you need to attract clients to buy your services in the first place.

After the client has paid for your service, you have all the agreements, forms, and materials you need to deal with the client step by step.

From the very first step of your dealings with clients to the very last stage of implementing solutions for clients, there are materials that you need to use at each stage. And the material for each stage also comes with specific instruction of what to do and how to use each resource.

Just like the testimonials on our site, this is definitely going to be the most structured but simple consulting business system you will ever find at such a low licensing price.

Even without any consulting experience, if you can copy everything in our system and use, experienced consultants and bank managers would mistakenly assume that you are a professional that must have been into bank consulting business for many years.

Because, our system will enable you to operate at the level of top league professional bank consultants, both in your presentations, deliverable and the solutions you implement for clients.

Everything you need for every stage of your consulting work is all included for you to copy and use in our package.

But for your convenience, here is a transcript of the video testimonial below for you to read what an experienced consultant said about our Ideas And Solution system which is the basis on which this system is designed:


“To say I was blown away by what I got would be an understatement. The consulting business package has everything outlined for you – it tells you…”this is what you do, this is how you go, this is how you approach the prospective client, this is what you can start doing for them…..even what to say and the reports, solutions and strategies to submit to clients as deliverable, are all included in the package. The …consulting system is outstanding. It is the most comprehensive and structured system in the world that I’ve ever come across in my whole life.

I can honestly say that if anyone is even thinking about becoming a consultant, don’t waste your money and time on other much more expensive programs. This consulting business system offers you the best of the best, that there is in consulting business, 100 times better than any other program in the world. Most importantly, the Ideas And Solution consulting business system offers you the fastest way to start making money from this business within days, not weeks, or months.

This system is excellent both for beginners as well as experienced consultants alike. Invest in this package; it would be your best investment ever.”

Absolutely not. Whether you choose to operate out of an office or your home is a personal choice. Because most of your client interaction will be done at your client’s places of business or over the telephone, there is virtually no need for a formal office. You should, however, have some type of secure and quiet place either at home or at another location, where you can converse on the telephone and operate your business without interruption. However, we provide virtual office service to our independent consultants to give their business ,office presence and address in prestigious locations around the world.

Yes. We provide you with a complete library of references, software, templates and manuals that will lead you step by step through the client acquisition and consultation processes. In addition, you will receive other information, manuals and aids that will provide you with in-depth knowledge and ideas that you can use to further your practice. You can see more details of these resources at our website under “what you get” section.


Any bank or major financial institution with the challenges listed below is a target audience or prospective client for your service. And this would obviously include almost every bank in your area.

A bank or financial institution is an ideal prospective client for your service if they:

  • Have non-performing loans that are more than 90 days overdue

  • Have debtors that are having difficulty repaying or at the risk of not paying the debt they owe such banks at all

  • Have debtors that are on the verge of bankruptcy or have even filed for bankruptcy protection already

  • Would like to resolve collection issues, by converting their bad loans into full value with no loss and no write down

  • Would like to receive 100% cash for their uncollectable receivables

  • Need the value of the DEBTS OWED THEM REPAID NOW, without using a solicitor, a debt recovery agency, or litigation

One great thing about this problem, that offers you a great opportunity to be in business as a bank consultant, is that the problem is increasing every day, and so is your opportunity to make fortunes as a bank consultant, with the ultimate solution.

There are a number of very effective methods for gaining a prospect’s favorable attention and winning an interview. We have different models for you to use to start getting clients easily and quickly in the system. However, if you do an effective job for your client and produce the results our methodologies are capable of; this question should only concern you for the first client. After that, you should be operating almost entirely by referrals

“Comfortable” is a relative word. What is “comfortable” to one person may be basic subsistence to another, or it may be living high for someone else. If you work the bank consulting business system correctly, you will only need (and have time for) 4 to 6 clients at any one time, and that should easily earn you a six to eight-figure income per month.

With our system you can start making money and be in positive cash flow even in your first week in business if you simply apply the simple instruction and business model in the FAST START REPORT. You can get prospects to call you to meet them in 24 hours and convert ‘some’ to clients after meeting them using the guideline in this FAST START report in this system. We have clients that have proven this point.

There is even a strategy in the system by which you can get over 10 banks calling immediately; so that you now have to be selective of those you want to present your service to.

After presenting your service, if you are prepared with a proposal using sample in the system, you could walk out of a client’s office with a check in your hand as advance for your service within 24-72 hours using our guide

Assuming of course, that you have other things already taken care of, like business registration, business bank account opening.

Fact is, there is no better consulting system to start your consulting business with than this system.

Other systems may offer you the opportunity to start making good income within some months, but we say you can start making money within 24-72 hours using our system. If you can start your business and start getting paying clients within 24 hours using system A, why even consider system B that offers opportunity to get clients some months down the line, even with a lot of equivocation and probabilities and a long learning curve?

Even the guy that has a lot of money to wait some months for his business to start producing profit and positive cash flow would still prefer the option of getting the system that offers positive cash flow and great income immediately for immediate investment of money, time and effort. This is the unique opportunity bank consulting system offers you.

Our fast start guide will also show you where and how to get any business fully incorporated within 24 hours, including getting a business bank account opened for the company name you choose.

Plus having an office set up for you, with staff acting as your life receptionist to answer your calls in your company name according to your instructions. Where calls and emails are either routed to you for answering or messages taken down and forwarded to you via email.

Most importantly, we would help you to set up everything you need to run your business, from business company incorporation, bank account, office with staff acting as your life receptionist to answer your calls in your company name according to your instructions.

At every stage of the process, there are materials for you to present to respond to prospective clients and clients. So, to respond to this kind of hot question, all you have to do, is to bring out the proposal report that shows your services scope, plus your corresponding fees from our system.

You can adjust the fees to what you like to charge, as you wish. Nothing is fixed. There are no rules, except the ones you make. This is your business, so you can set the rules, and terms of engagement by which you will do or not do business with any one. In this system you will get

  • he exact emails and letters you’ll use to contact your prospects. Because all of these communications are value based, prospects quickly see how much they stand to gain and respond by setting up an appointment with you. And every document is delivered to you in word-for-word format, completely ready to go with just a few minor edits.

  • Complete word-for-word call scripts for selling your services. Just follow the simple instructions that come with each script and you’ll be closing deals like a pro in no time.

  • Legal agreements for your bank consulting deals. By the way, my agreements are written in plain English rather than legalese, so they’re easy for both you and your clients to understand. Although they were prepared by my lawyers.

  • Everything you need to know to implement and keep your deals on track. Once you’ve closed your deal, there are a few tasks you’ll need to do to make sure solutions are implemented properly for your bank client. I’ll give you a simple checklist to follow that makes sure your deals are implemented properly by the bank staff assigned to collaborate with you in the implementation process, resulting in the most profits for everyone involved as quickly as possible.

Now, you have convinced a client that you can help them achieve the seemingly impossible. They have paid you to get started. What next?

The really great thing about this system is that it offers you the exact solutions to implement for your clients and how to implement them.

PLUS every script to use for emails, phone calls, presentations where necessary etc. So that, even the new consultant without previous experience’d be perceived as a top business expert by the very depth, sophistication and professionalism of the materials and solutions you present and have to offer.

How do you work once, and get paid forever?

The fee producing opportunities for a bank consultant are huge. There are 4 major ways you can make money from this opportunity:

  • Consulting service and licensing of solution: As a bank consultant, your mission is to work closely with clients in an advisory capacity, by providing the innovative solutions designed to help them recoup and convert 100% of the value of all debts into liquid assets, immediate cash flow and profit income with no loss, and no write down. However, the solution is offered with a licensing agreement.

  • You make money from giving your clients expert advice and licensing the solution on how to solve their bad loan/debt problems. They pay you consulting fees to get this service on a consultative level. By virtue of the licensing agreement, they will continue to pay you agreed upon percentage of the total value of every debt they recover using your solution.

  • Thus, any bank you work with once, becomes a profit centre for life, as long as they keep using your idea/solution to solve their bad debt problem, due to the licensing agreement signed at the instance of offering them your solution. This is how you work once, and get paid forever. By licensing solutions instead of selling them outright. So, you are sure to continue to get paid for as long as the banks continue to use your solution, even in the unlikely event that they decide to implement it themselves without further engaging your services for implementation.

  • Consulting and Implementation service:

    In addition to your advisory role as a bank consultant, you also have the opportunity to establish a long term ‘partnering’ relationship that continues with the implementation of the solution you offer your clients.

    First, you make money from your advisory role by giving banks expert advice on how to solve their bad loan/debt and toxic asset problem based on a licensing agreement.

    Then, you also make money from helping them implement the solution you gave them.

    There are three income streams from this service model.

    First, the banks pay you for your expert advice on how to solve their bad loan/debt problem.

    Second, they then pay you an advance retainer fee to get you to implement solution for them.

    Third, they also pay you 25% or more commission from any loan amount/value recovered for them via your service.

    How much you charge for your consulting service fee, your advance retainer fee to implement solution, and even the commission rate you charge depends on you.

    Benefit of This Performance Fees Model Unlike most ‘run of the mill’ business consultants and coaches, you will use the incredible leverage of ‘performance fees’ to skyrocket your revenue.

    This means that as a bank consultant you are not just working for a ‘retainer fee’ – be it hourly, daily or monthly – but for a fee that potentially has no limit!

    This fee is directly related to the success of the implementation of your solution – or indeed, the results that you achieve for your client.

    This is a ‘contingency fee’. It is result-based and the amount that can be earned using this arrangement is only limited by the success you achieve for your clients.

    Furthermore, contingency or performance fees are very appealing to your prospects and clients.

    That is because; they understand that the majority of the fees that they will pay you are ‘success-based.’

    In other words, they don’t pay the contingency fee if you don’t perform.

    They are also able to appreciate that you would not offer such an arrangement unless you were totally confident of the outcome that you could achieve.

  • Training and development:

    You can choose to organize training programs for banks and financial institutions to teach them “How To Recoup And Convert 100% Of The Value Of All Debts Into Liquid Assets, Immediate Cash Flow And Profit Income In 24 Hours With No Loss, And No Write Down.”

    There are three income streams from this option. First, each bank pays training program fee to learn about your solution. Second, some of your participants could engage your service to consult with them on how to apply your solution to their EXACT business situation.

    Third, some of the clients you consult with would engage your implementation service, to help them to implement the solution you gave them.


From your own BANK CONSULTING BUSINESS, you could be making up to

$250,000-$750,000+ a week!

$750,000-$4.5 m+ a month!

$9-$54 million or MORE a year!

As a consultant, you would charge your clients, as much as $250,000 or more as consulting fees to offer them solution to their problems, in an advisory role only.

You can also make a lot of money by partnering with banks to implement your solution, to help them recover the value of the bad loans and toxic assets in their books.

Let’s imagine that, you are able to help a bank in your area to recover $2 million worth of bad loan in a month, which they have already written off or were planning to write off as bad debt.

If the bank pays you 25% of the loan recovered, your share would be $500,000 from just one deal. If you charged $250,000 as initial consulting fees, then earned $500,000 as commission from helping to implement the solution for your client, your income for the month, working with just one bank, would be $750,000 per month.

If you work with only one bank per month, and 12 banks in a year, and the average loan amount recovered for each bank is $2 million, the total amount of bad loan recovered for the 12 banks would be $24 million.

Since your commission rate is 25%, your income from the deal with 12 banks, from commission only, would be $6 million per year.

$250,000 consulting fees from 12 banks would be $3 million combined.

Your total income from consulting fees plus commission from recovered bad loans for 12 banks in one year would be $9 million.

This is just an example. The bad loan and toxic asset amount for each bank you work for could be far more than $2 million. You could be doing this for as many banks as possible at the same time.

The more banks and financial institutions you do this for, the more income you generate.
And there are hundreds to thousands of banks and financial institutions out there, in your city, state or country that you could be doing this for.

Yes, it is very possible! Read the paragraph below to understand.

What if the amount of bad loans and toxic asset of your client is $10 billion or more as in the case of some major banks?

If you are able to help them recover only 50% of the value of such huge assets, it means that, you would have helped them to recover about $5 billion worth of assets. At 25% commission for every asset recovered, it means that your commission from such a deal could be as high as $1.25 billion.

Imagine doing this volume of transaction for more than one bank every year, and the billion dollar income possibility that awaits you.

Reaching a billion dollar income, doesn’t get easier than this.

All it takes is to solve a problem worth billions of dollars for clients and get paid a certain percentage of the value you help them recover from their assets.


This is one of the best businesses in the world. The entire operation consists of three simple steps:


You locate one bank or financial services company that has a lot of bad loans/debts and toxic assets. Every bank and financial institution that gives loans to businesses, all have bad loans.

So, almost every bank you see is a qualified prospect. You propose to banks and financial institution to help them recoup and convert their bad loans and toxic assets into liquid asset, immediate cash flow and profit income, using the provocatively compelling approach letters and proposals in our system.


Banks engage your consulting service, to help them achieve the above stated goal. They pay you an advance retainer fee of $250,000 before you start working for them as consultant, and agree to pay you 25% commission for any amount of bad loan you help them to recoup.

You consult with the banks and help them to recoup business-related bad loans using our unique innovative solution if you are an independent consultant.

If you are an associate consultant, all you have to do, is to get an independent consultant to step in, to consult with the bank on your behalf, and to implement solution for the bank as soon as business agreement is signed.

You get paid 25% commission for the entire loan amount recouped. You start this same process all over, with other banks, and continue to make money from any bank that engages your service every month, as well.


You repeat the same process again and again. This is often done with the exact same companies you just did the previous deals with. Other times, it’s done with completely new banks and financial institutions.

By focusing on just these three steps, you are practically guaranteed of success — and a seven to eight-figure income annually.

The only role you ‘d play in the whole process, would be, to make the initial contact with the banks we do business with as an associate consultant. Although, you ‘d also have the option of being practically involved in the whole process, to also implement solution for clients if you like to work as an independent consultant.

Virtually none. The business model we teach takes the word “expense” out of starting a business. 99% of your costs to start this business are included in your one time investment with us. We provide a website, business office, registered company, stationery package, free marketing leads and materials, accounting system, legal documents and forms, spreadsheets to help you analyze financial statements, and much, much more to start your business. The only things you need to operate this business are a phone and a computer and you’re in business.
Click here to see complete details of “what you will get”

NO. You are granted a license to operate as one of our consultants. There are no territories or geographical restrictions with your business as you would have with a franchise. You own your own bank consulting business. The money you earn is yours to keep beside our share of revenue. Our support structure is there behind you for the life of your business. Best of all, the training and support does not stop after your business is set up and launched

This is another question we are often asked and the answer is YES.

It is very simple and here is why we do take commissions from our LICENSEES:

  • You will be getting ongoing marketing and technical support from us in the course of your business

  • The implementation of the solution you ‘d be offering clients actually depend on our business platform

  • We are practically involved in the implementation of your solution for your clients since this is usually done through our business platform

  • You will get unparallel support from us, such as:

    • Support To Help You Get Your First BANK Client In Your First 30 Days after business is set up

    • Support to help you engage the services of outsourcing service providers that‘d help you run and manage your business 24/7/365.

    • Support to help you close deals with clients

    • Support to help you execute deals and implement solutions for your clients

    • Support to help you render your consulting service to your clients

  • Lifetime Support and Continuing Education: One thing that makes our licensees so successful is the ongoing support that we provide after your training and your business is fully set up. Whether it’s your first week in business or ten years down the road, we are always there to guide and advise you in any situation. Our trainers, consultants and founders are always a phone call or email away to guide or assist you in any way. After your initial training, we will continue to educate you and provide you with new cutting edge programs to further develop your bank consulting business for no additional fees.

  • Our success is based on your success, so we have a vested interest in making sure you succeed with your business.

Absolutely not. We have developed a program that is easy to understand and implement by anybody with the right qualities. However, we do pre-qualify you prior to accepting you into our program. We look for key qualities in individuals that we determine are a great fit and attribute to this industry. This business is not hard to do or understand. The only thing you need to be successful is the entrepreneurial spirit, the qualities we look for, and the will to succeed.

One of the many reasons our licensees are so successful is the fact that we actually pre-qualify people interested in taking our program. Unlike some other companies we have seen, we are not interested in having large classes of 50 people and simply accepting everybody who wants to take our program.

Upon expressing interest in our program, you will go through an extensive interview process with senior management along with a confidential questionnaire that our senior executives use to determine whether we think you’re a good fit for this business model.

Why do we use this method? Well, we believe in QUALITY over QUANTITY. The bottom line is this: we have a vested interest in your long-term success. And we’ll prove it with our continuous support, even after you’ve been licensed from our training program and your business is set up as a licensee.

You will actually already have business waiting for you the minute you get home. We are the only company that guarantees you that we will provide bank prospects that are already looking and in need of your services when you get home. We feel that it is important to start your business with a competitive advantage. Our marketing program is second to none, and you will learn proprietary time-tested techniques and principles that work. We of course know this because our instructors actually do what you will be taught to do.

With over 40 years of combined experience in business consulting as well as the banking and finance industry, our trainers are seasoned veterans. With the marketing tools that are taught and provided, you should be able to target banks and get clients fast. It is important to know that you don’t need to be an expert sales person or start “cold calling” people to get business.

You are not really selling your service but rather providing a solution to banks. We even spend time teaching you how to hire sales staff or joint venture marketing partners in your first month of business and have people bringing you clients to service. That is important knowledge to know in the event you want to grow your business.

Absolutely. Many times the people who start out doing this part time quickly realize how much money they can earn and convert their business to a full time operation.

This is a very good question. Banks and lenders of all types use brokers to bring in business because it is a very cost effective way of advertising. Think about it. They would rather pay you a commission than spend money on big marketing budgets that might not work effectively half of the time. Also, there is no way they could possibly reach every business that needs their service, even with the biggest marketing campaigns. When they pay you a commission, they know they spent every dollar they pay you on a closed deal. When banks advertise, some of those dollars are not converted into actual closed loans. Simply, they have a better ROI or return on investment with brokers.

Similarly, we are training licensees to join our global bank consulting organization to :

  1. Own their own companies within our global organization

  2. Help us reach every bank and financial institution that needs our solution and service in every country worldwide

  3. Get bank clients with a much more cost effective method of just paying out commission for sales revenue generated from closed deals, than spending money on advertising that may not result in getting the attention or patronage of our target prospects

  4. To dominate this industry on a global scale and to harness the money making opportunity in the trillions of dollars of toxic assets in banks and financial institutions worldwide

That is a question that we love to answer and show people how we are truly different. In fact, we have a dedicated section on our website outlining this. Click on “why bank consulting” to read more details about this.

The bank consulting business group truly offers a one-of-a-kind program. Unlike many franchise concepts, our program doesn’t limit your income potential.

Other businesses and franchises tend to be limited to certain geographical areas, outside of which it is difficult to do business. Not with us. Our business model frees you to do business anywhere in the country and even internationally. Best of all, there are no ongoing fees to be paid as you would have with a franchise.

We also recognize there are some companies with limited programs that try to offer a similar concept as us. We love to show you exactly how we compare to other programs, and that is why we did a direct comparison of what we offer and what the others offer for your investment. But here are some quick important points to note when considering our program:

  • We are the first and only company in the whole world offering a training program and business opportunity on bank consulting services that is based on providing solutions to the problem of bad loans and toxic assets of banks worldwide. Period.

    You can verify this claim by doing a thorough search on google.com

  • You will be associated with a global network of consultants to banks and financial institutions

  • You will be associated with a global network of consultants to banks and financial institutions

  • Your business would simply be a part of a global organization of consultants to banks and financial institutions worldwide.
    So, you are not alone in your business.

  • After you licensee from our training, we provide you with guaranteed real-time bank client requests from banks that are in need of your service immediately.

  • Your training does not stop after you leave. We are always bringing new programs and education to our licensees after the initial 7-day training at no additional cost to you.

    You will get unparallel support from us, such as:

  • -Support To Help You Get Your First BANK Client In Your First 30 Days after business is set up

  • -Support to help you engage the services of outsourcing service providers that‘d help you run and manage your business 24/7/365.

  • -Support to help you close deals with clients

  • -Support to help you execute deals and implement solutions for your clients

  • -Support to help you render your consulting service to your clients

  • Lifetime Support and Continuing Education:

    One thing that makes our licensees so successful is the ongoing support that we provide after your training and your business is fully set up. Whether it’s your first week in business or ten years down the road, we are always there to guide and advise you in any situation. Our trainers, consultants and founders are always a phone call or email away to guide or assist you in any way. After your initial training, we will continue to educate you and provide you with new cutting edge programs to further develop your bank consulting business for no additional fees.

We understand you want the best possible program for your investment. We are committed to showing you how our training program and bank consulting licensing business opportunity is your best possible choice.

You can work alone, as do many consultants and partners or you can hire an assistant. You might find it useful to hire assistance once your business starts to take off so that you can leave the day-to-day administrative tasks to someone else.

If you want to dive right in and start working full time, obviously you can do this.

But if you feel more secure getting a steady income from another job while working part time and building your consultancy practice that may be a better option for you.

No, other than your relatively low licensing fee, it’s your responsibility to pay for your own advertising and promotion – should you choose to do this.

No, it’s totally up to you. You can operate in any location (worldwide) and with any type of bank or financial institution you choose to work with

Yes. If at the end of the bank consulting training course you honestly can’t envisage your personal success as a bank consultant then we’ll give you your money back. No fuss, no questions asked. Just read our100% Money Back Guarantee policy page.

In respect of our methods, techniques, principles and tools…. We guarantee that our systems work absolutely.

However, we can’t guarantee your personal success as there are so many different factors that lie beyond our control. Only you can decide to make it work or not.

At the end of the day, we will provide you with the opportunity and all the help and support that you need… The rest is up to you to grab the opportunity and run with it!

Clients in the banking and financial services industry, of course.

They hire more consultants … have more assignments … pay top dollar … and are some of the easiest clients to work for on EarthMore money—bank clients pay top dollar

More repeat business…

More professionalism … your clients are experienced professionals who appreciate the value of what you bring to the table.

Greater financial stability … most banks and financial institutions are financially stable companies. You never have to worry about your bill being paid.

The simple answer in that it is time to get to work!

However, to assist you and as a benefit of being one of our licensed consultants, you will receive continuing and ongoing support and assistance to ensure you get a fast start in your new consulting career.

For more details of your benefits and privileges see ‘Your investment and what you get” page at

Your role is simply to contact all the banks in your area to propose our solution to them using the provocatively compelling approach letter and proposals in our system.

As soon as they agree to engage our service, an independent consultant would step in to offer our proprietary solution to your clients, as well as implementing the same for your clients.

If you are an independent consultant, , you can also proceed to offer our solution and even implement solution for your clients, because you would have been trained on how to do this.

To be effective in your role, we’d give you all the resources you need to work, like the letter of introduction and approach letter to send out, the proposal report to send out, the script to use when you speak to them on the phone, and the sample presentation to use if and when you have to present the service to them face to face etc.

Read the statistics from international news media below, to appreciate how the problem of bad loans of banks is ever increasing, and how this implies an ever increasing money making opportunity for bank consultants

Bad loans rise to $4 trillion: IMF



US banks face rise in bad loans cover


US banks suffer 149 per cent rise in bad loans

Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/business/US-banks-suffer-149-per-cent-rise-in-bad-loans_8720234#ixzz2RgupHmiI

Bad loans of listed banks top Rs1 trillion, may rise further


Chinese Banks See Rise in Bad Loans

At the end of the first quarter, non-performing loans of Chinese banks reached 524.3 billion yuan ($84.83 billion), up 20.7% from a year earlier and CNY33.9 billion

more than at the end of 2012. Read more: http://www.foxbusiness.com/news/2013/04/22/chinese-banks-see-rise-in-bad-loans/#ixzz2Rgoe8jwP

Read more: http://www.foxbusiness.com/news/2013/04/22/chinese-banks-see-rise-in-bad-loans/#ixzz2RgoVRbkn


Italian Banks’ Bad Loans Seen Rising as Gridlock Hampers Growth


HSBC bad loans more than double in Middle East

Read more: http://www.thenational.ae/business/markets/hsbc-bad-loans-more-than-double-in-middle-east#ixzz2RgpAV1uB

Bad loans to rise till Sept, downgrades over: India Ratings


Spanish Bad Loans At New Record, Deteriorate At Fastest Pace Since June


Fact is, banks and financial institutions will never stop giving loans to businesses, notwithstanding the inevitable problem of bad loan/debt, because, that is their major source of income.

The inevitable problem of bad loans/debts would continue to occur.

NO. Although, you can start your business with the knowledge and ideas gained from the program without getting any sort of license from us or any one else for that matter.

The bank consulting business training program is the first training program you are required to take to fully understand the bank consulting business and what it takes to succeed in the business.

This would enable you understand all the options you have to launch your own bank consulting business, to enable you make informed decision about how you want to proceed in this business.

You can choose to launch on your own, without requiring our licensing opportunity or you could choose to join our network of consultants under our licensing opportunity. After this training, you would have been equipped with the knowledge and ideas you need to become a consultant to banks and financial institutions.

To become a licensed bank consultant under our organization, you have to first pay licensee fees for the class of license you want, either as an associate consultant or independent consultant. As soon as your business is set up, your licensee training would be scheduled. The training you receive as a licensee is deeper, broader and more practically oriented. It is more of coaching you in the implementation of our system to facilitate the getting, servicing and retention of bank clients. To become a licensee, see the licensee fee under the “your investment and what you get” page.

There are 2 ways you can proceed right away to start making money from this business as a licensed consultant:

1. Become our associate consultant

2. Become an independent consultant to banks and financial institutions

For more information on what you will get when you invest in the “Bank Consulting Business licensing opportunity”

Either as an associate consultant or independent consultant, and the modest investment you have to make for either class you choose to join, simply go to the “Your investment & what you get “ page or click here