How Do You

Make Money From

Your Bank Consulting Business?

The fee producing opportunities for a bank consultantare huge.
There are over one hundred ways you can make money from this opportunity.
But I will simply introduce just five ways you can make money as a bank consultant:

1. Consulting service and licensing of solution:

As a bank consultant,

your mission is to work closely with clients in an advisory capacity, by providing the innovative solutions designed to help them recoup and convert 100% of the value of all their bad loans/debts into liquid assets, immediate cash flow and profit income with no loss, and no write down. However, the solution is offered with a licensing agreement.

You’d make money from

giving your clients ‘expert advice’ and ‘licensing the solution’ on how to solve their bad loan/debt problems. They pay you consulting fees to get this service on a consultative level.
They will continue to pay you agreed upon percentage of the total value of every debt they recover using your solution, because of the licensing agreement signed.

Thus, any bank

you work with once, becomes a profit centre for life, as long as they keep using your solution to solve their bad loan/debt problem, due to the licensing agreement signed at the instance of offering them your solution.

This is how you work once, and get paid forever.

By licensing solutions instead of selling them outright. So, you are sure to continue to get paid for as long as the banks continue to use your solution, even in the unlikely event that they decide to implement the solution by themselves, without further engaging your services for implementation. Ninety nine percent of the time, they would engage your service to help them implement the solution on their behalf.

2. Consulting and Implementation service:

In addition to

your advisory role as a bank consultant, you also have the opportunity to establish a long term ‘partnering’ relationship that continues with the implementation of the solution you offer your clients.

First, you make

money from your advisory role by giving banks expert advice on how to solve their bad loan/debt and toxic asset problem.


you also make money from helping them implement the solution you gave them.

There are

three income streams from this service model.


the banks pay you for your expert advice on how to solve their bad loan/debt problem.


they then pay you an advance retainer fee to get you to implement solution for them.


they also pay you 25% or more commission from any loan amount/value recovered for them via your service.

How much you charge for your

consulting service fee, your advance retainer fee to implement solution, and even the commission rate you charge, depends on you.

Benefit of

This Performance

Fees Model

Unlike most

‘run of the mill’ business consultants and coaches, you will use the incredible leverage of ‘performance fees’ to skyrocket your revenue.

This means that

as a bank consultant you are not just working for a ‘retainer fee’ – be it hourly, daily or monthly – but for a fee that potentially has no limit!

This fee is

directly related to the success of the implementation of your solution , or the results that you achieve for your client.

This is a ‘contingency fee’.

It is result-based and the amount that can be earned using this arrangement is only limited by the success you achieve for your clients.


contingency or performance fees are very appealing to your prospects and clients.

That is because,

they understand that the majority of the fees that they will pay you are ‘performance-based’ or ‘success-based.’

In other words,

they don’t pay the contingency fee if you don’t perform.

They are also able

to appreciate that you would not offer such an arrangement unless you were totally confident of the outcome that you could achieve.

3. Training and development:

You can choose to organize training programs for banks and financial institutions to teach them “How To Recoup And Convert 100% Of The Value Of All Debts Into Liquid Assets, Immediate Cash Flow And Profit Income In 24 Hours With No Loss, And No Write Down.”

There are three income streams

from this option. First, each bank pays training program fee to learn about your solution.
Second, some of your participants could engage your consulting service on how to apply your solution to their EXACT business situation.

This means that

as a bank consultant you are not just working for a ‘retainer fee’ – be it hourly, daily or monthly – but for a fee that potentially has no limit!




5. Bank’s asset quality



How Much Money Can You Make From This Business?
How To Make

$750,000 Per Month

or $9 million Per Year As A Bank Consultant

As a consultant,

you would charge your clients, as much as $250,000 or more as consulting fees to offer them solution to their problems, in an advisory role only.

You can also make a lot of money

by partnering with banks to implement your solution, to help them recover the value of the bad loans and toxic assets in their books.

Let’s imagine that,

you are able to help a bank in your area to recover $2 million worth of bad loans in a month, which they have already written off or were planning to write off as bad debt.

If the bank pays you 25% of

the loan recovered, your share would be $500,000 from just one deal. If you charged $250,000 as initial consulting fees, then earned $500,000 as commission from helping to implement the solution for your client, your income for the month, working with just one bank, would be $750,000 per month.

If you work with

only one bank per month, and 12 banks in a year, and the average loan amount recovered for each bank is $2 million, the total amount of bad loan recovered for the 12 banks would be $24 million.

Since your commission rate

is 25%, your income from the deal with 12 banks, from commission only, would be $6 million per year.

$250,000 consulting fees

from 12 banks would be $3 million combined.

Your total income

from consulting fees plus commission from recovered bad loans for 12 banks in one year would be $9 million.

This is just an example.

The bad loan and toxic asset amount for each bank you work for could be far more than $2 million. You could be doing this for as many banks as possible at the same time.

The more banks and financial institutions

you do this for, the more income you generate. There are hundreds to thousands of banks out there, in your city, state or country that you could be doing this for.


How Every Bank and Financial Institution You Work For,

Can Become Your Client

For Life, Paying You 6-8 Figure Income Per Month

The most important point that could make this a long term business for you,
is that any bank or financial institution you do this for,
the first time, would automatically become your client for life.


Banks and financial institutions

will never stop giving loans to businesses, notwithstanding the inevitable problem of bad loan/debt, because, that is their major source of income.

The inevitable problem

of bad loans/debts would continue to occur.

Therefore, any bank or financial institution

you help the first time, to recover any amount of bad debt/loan, would automatically retain your service, for you to keep helping them to recover more bad debt/loans

For as long as banks remain in business,

and they keep giving out loans, your service would remain absolutely relevant to the survival and success of your banking clients.

As the amount of defaulted debt continues to
grow, so will the need for your service.

Hence, you’d keep earning 6-8 figure income

every month from helping these banks and financial institutions recover the full book value of their bad loans/debts.
There is no better way to having a secured income for life!


How Your $9 million Bank Deals Could Become

A $54 Million Per Year

Business In 24 Months

From the analysis I gave you earlier on,

about how you could be making money from this opportunity, we assumed that you were able to get at least one bank to work with you per month.

You were able to recoup $2 million

worth of bad loans/debt for each of these banks.
You just read how and why it is possible for each bank to retain your service for life. Because they’d want you to keep helping them to recover more bad debt/loans.

For the purpose of being conservative

in our projection, let’s assume that only 50% of the banks you worked with in the first year, decided to retain your service.
It means that, by the second year, you would have 6 different banks to work with every month.

If the amount of bad loans/debts

recovered on behalf of each of these 6 banks per month, is at least $2 million per bank, the total amount of loan recovered per month for the 6 banks would be $12 million. Since your percentage commission is 25% of the loan amount recovered, then, your income from loan recovered per month becomes $3 million per month.

In 12 months, that would be $36 million

income for you, working with just 6 banks to recover $144 million worth of bad loans.
Since your consulting service monthly retainer fee per bank is $250,000, then, your monthly income from consulting service for the 2nd year would now be $1.5 million.

In 12 months, income from consulting

service only, would be $18 million, working with just 6 banks. The total income by the end of the 2nd year would be $36 million from commission, and $18 million. Hence, your total income for the second year would be at $54 million for doing your work as a bank consultant.





What if the amount of bad loans and toxic asset of
your client is

$10 billion

or more as the case of some major banks?

If you are able to help them recover only 50% of the value of such huge assets,
it means that, you would have helped them to recover about $5 billion worth of assets. At 25% commission for every asset recovered, it means that your commission from such a deal could be as high as $1.25 billion.

Imagine doing this volume of transaction for more than one bank every year, and the billion dollar income possibility that awaits you.

Reaching a billion dollar income doesn’t get easier than this.

All it takes is to solve a problem worth billions of dollars for clients and get paid a certain percentage of the value you help them recover from their assets.

All You Need To Become A Consultant To
Banks & Major Financial Institutions Making $750k+/month or


How much do you need to invest in this

bank consulting business

system and what do you get for your investment?