Your Investment And What You Would Get

What Will You Get In This Automated

Million Dollar

Consulting Business?

When you invest in this

Million Dollar

“Bank Consulting Business”

you’d be set up with a turnkey business-in-a-box that you can use right away, to operate a bank consulting business.

You’d get your own business website, plus a complete ready-to-use $1 million worth of “resource” library……containing a compendium of all the how-to manuals, letters, forms, scripts, templates, powerpoint presentations, ads, special reports and the resources you need to start, run, and profit from your own multimillion dollar bank consulting business.

Find below, a list of the rich resources, training program, tools and services you‘d get as part of your bank consulting business set up.






Registration of the

of your choice. (i.e www.yourdomain.com)


FREE 5 years

of hosting included!


Website with full sales

pitch fully hosted! (Can also easily be edited and/or customized to meet your needs)


Instant payment deposited directly

to your PayPal account, Moneybookers account, your merchant account or your bank account in any country worldwide!


A complete turnkey operation.

You will be up and running the first week (after your website and business resources are set up)!!.


Full Priority 24/7

E-mail support for ONE YEAR!


A fully functioning website like


Full integration

with the payment processor of your choice.


Bank consulting

e-commerce marketplace website for your members to trade on


Members platform

for members to access their bank accounts


Full members-only website

where your customers get access to their website, support documents, help guides and videos and an online tech support ticketing system.


Administrative platform

for you to manage the activities of your exchange members.


The Business Starter Pack We have made

starting a business

as simple as pressing a button

Company Formation

Business Starter Pack includes online company registration service. The package includes all company incorporation documents including original certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles of association.

Logo Design

We will create your logo using your chosen business name and specifications that reflects your brand identity.
The logo file is provided for easy use in letterheads, website and business cards. Additionally, a sample letterhead incorporating the logo is provided in Microsoft word format for immediate use in business correspondence.

Website Design

Our professional designers will create an attractive website, promoting your brand.

Domain name + corporate email

We will register your corporate domain name and setup corporate email boxes for your company. Your email address will reflect your corporate identity.

Business Cards

We will design your business card theme and logo and provide you a digital copy so you can print business cards whenever you want.

Accounting System

We will set your company up with its own advanced online accounting system. The system is comprehensive and is designed to track all financial data and records, manage daily transactions and produce reports for effective financial planning.



Business Identity Package

We will supply you with a custom professional

business identity package that will establish

your presence immediately with anyone you encounter.

Included are PRINTED COPIES of business cards, letterhead, and envelopes with your business information on them. You will be in business the minute your business is fully set up and handed over to you as a turnkey operation. This stationary package will allow you to convey your professional presence in front of your clients. These resources would be printed in Singapore and delivered to your address anywhere in the world.




Fully registered in any country or location of your choice



Business In A Box

Documentation Pack:

You‘d receive administrative documentation and forms, marketing operation manuals, sample scripts, sample forms, letters and all the administrative tools you’d need to get started. Advert agencies and business management consultants would charge you millions of dollars to develop this compendium of advert and administrative materials for you.

(Value is $75,000 ,but you get it free as part of this business package, if you invest in your business set up today)





In this BUSINESS OFFICE package, you will get:

A 5-Star business office address

in one of 1,500 global locations worldwide. This will be your Bank consulting business location. You can choose any location in any country that you want to operate from, from 1500 locations worldwide.


This dedicated FAX number will receive your faxes and send them to you as a pdf file to up to 4 different email addresses. No cover letters necessary and all faxes are kept confidential.


professionally answered in your company name and according to your instructions.


to handle your calls and mail: Your Receptionist answers your phone as you would like. We will answer all calls in your company’s name, using a greeting that you specify. We will provide customer service and sales support to your callers by answering questions, gathering information, taking orders, setting appointments, and more. You have complete flexibility to customize every aspect of your account.

You will be emailed,

or faxed after each call, or at intervals of your choice.

This feature will allow you to run

your business in real time, regardless of where you are. You can travel the world while your callers and customers and clients believe that you are in one of your offices running a huge company.

5-70 New Staff Members:

You will have 5 to 70 new employees. (For larger accounts additional teams of 5 to 70 will be added to your account.) We can service any size business! It will always be the same people answering your calls, all of whom will learn all about your company and products and services. You can even publish the names of your impressive new staff on your website.


With your service, you will be assigned a private, password protected voicemail box that you can access 24 hours a day from anywhere via a toll free access number. If callers are transferred to your voicemail during business hours, your staff will notify you instantly to check your messages. We have one of the most advanced systems in existence. You can even be called by our system to notify you when a new voicemail is left for you. In fact anything that you can think of in terms of voicemail systems, are provided for you.

Multiple Office Addresses:

You will be able to use our office addresses. We will accept mail for you, process or forward it to you.

Mail Forwarding:

All received mail will be forwarded to you upon receipt. We do not charge a handling fee; however, you will be responsible for postage. We can also re-mail items for you, so your customers see a postmark from our offices. Any urgent documents can be opened, scanned and emailed to you at your request.

Ability to hold a meeting

or use an office at your virtual office, when necessary

Use of all meeting

rooms and offices globally.

Access to fully

equipped meeting room facilities†

Access to high speed

internet with a guaranteed 99.98% performance uptime

Access to a personal assistant

for admin tasks, including mail and courier management

Complimentary access to a private workstation

in our business lounges for three hours per day worldwide‡

Complimentary use of

a private office in any other city for up to three days per month‡

FREE access to

business lounges in 1,500 global locations worldwide


187,000 Finance And Banking

Industry Executives

Email Lists-2021 Updated List.

To kick-start promotion of your consulting business to people in the financial industry or the banking sector,
we‘d help you with our comprehensive, up-to-date email lists. If you are ready to take your business to the next level,
we‘d provide everything that you need to make direct contact with leading industry insiders and executives.
If you are looking for a low-cost way to market your business to thousands of executives,
our email marketing list will be an invaluable resource!

Data Structure (Fields)

The list of 187,000 Finance and Banking Industry Executives Email Lists contains the fields below

  • Primary email address of contact person

  • First name

  • Company name

  • City

  • Zip code

  • Area code

  • SIC Code

  • Website address

  • Contact title

  • Last name

  • Address

  • State

  • Phone

  • Fax number

  • NAICS Code


Already Done-For-You


Marketing Materials Worth Over $5 million

This is a complete collection of done-for-you marketing materials

that you can edit and use for your own Bank consulting business.

These are proven marketing material written by professional copywriters that have sold hundreds of millions of dollars of Bank consulting business

These are all the resources needed to sell your service like wild fire!

Once you’ve found your prospects, you have to be able to sell your services to them. This is where many people come up short because they think of selling as pressuring people to buy something they aren’t interested in.

But that’s not how bank consulting selling process works. Instead, it’s based on demonstrating the clear and superior value your service offer a prospect and then letting them essentially sell themselves on the deal. Here’s some of what’s included in this section.

  • The exact emails you’ll use to contact your prospects. Every document is delivered to you in word-for-word format, completely ready to go with just a few minor edits.

  • Legal agreements and proposals for your bank consulting deals. By the way, my proposals and agreements are written in plain English rather than legalese, so they’re easy for both you and your clients to understand.

  • Complete word-for-word questionnaire and follow up email scripts for selling your services. Just follow the simple instructions that come with each script and you’ll be closing deals like a pro in no time.

  • Everything you need to know to implement and keep your deals on track. Once you’ve closed your deal, there are a few tasks you’ll need to do to make sure solutions are implemented properly for your bank client. I’ll give you a simple checklist to follow that makes sure your deals are implemented properly by the bank staff assigned to collaborate with you in the implementation process, resulting in the most profits for everyone involved as quickly as possible.

This package includes:

  • All the adverts, business proposals, sales letters, presentations, radio commercials, fliers, brochures you will ever need ,already done for you

  • All the advertising you’ll ever need already written and blueprinted for you.

  • All the promotions you will ever need to run, already planned out and written for you.

  • All the ways and tools to win thousands of customers already laid out for you

  • You’d get ready-to-use classified ads, display ads, direct mail letters, postcards, and press releases so you can begin making money immediately, that will sell the socks-off the Bank consulting for you.

  • (with suggestions on where to place the ads)!

  • And much, much more!

    • You won’t have to write any ads or sales letters. No agonizing copy writing study only to get it wrong. No big fees paid to a clueless copywriter.

    • You’ll have proven tools where most opportunities fall down and fail.

    • You’ll get proven ways to get leads and customers.

    • You can get started fast in your business.

    • This will allow you to recoup you investment quickly.

    • In fact, you’ll virtually be out no money at all!

These ads have already been tested and proven for you!
Use these ads and you’re instantly in business making money!

A gigantic collection of the most effective ads in the history of Bank Consulting Business, this volume is a great idea-generator for developing ads and marketing campaigns that get real results.

Just copy and paste one of these into an email, and you will have clients literally line up and practically begging to do business with you.

You get ready-to-use classified ads, display ads, direct mail letters, postcards, and press releases so you can begin making money immediately, that ‘ll sell the socks-off your business for you. (with suggestions on where to place the ads)!

These ads have already been tested and proven for you! Use them to immediately start making money!

You’d get READY-TO-MAIL PRESS RELEASES. Use these to get free publicity in newspapers and magazines (and generate more orders) for your business.

You get Marketing materials written by professional, world-class SUPERSTAR copywriters that have sold tens of billions of dollars of their clients’ products and services with the sales materials they’ve written.

This toolbox is packed with every marketing piece you’ll ever need to convert more prospects to paying clients. You’ll get emails, web pages, video scripts and more. It’s all here in “done for you” templates.

Plus, most of the documents are in Word format so all you have to do is open them, cut and paste and you’re ready to go.

It’s never going to get any easier than this to have your own successful Bank consulting business — so


(We can also customize the ads for you with your name, address, and phone number)


Million Dollar Bank


PowerPoint Presentations

Knowing what to say in a logical, sequential format, and having colorful supporting graphics not only makes you look professional, but gives you the confidence you need to demonstrate your competence.These professionally prepared powerpoint presentations have been proven time and again to produce positive and predictable results.

These professionally prepared powerpoint presentations have been proven time and again to produce positive and predictable results.





In this mastery training program, you will master the following:


How to start getting clients

that would pay you $750,000 within 7 days of launching your bank consulting busines


How to start a $750,000 per month

Bank consulting business, starting with almost NOTHING


How to command $75,000, $150,000,

or even $250,000 per client per month in your bank consulting business


How To Take Any Start-Up

Bank Consulting Business From Zero To Millions of dollars in 30 days or less


How a $41.5 million per year

Bank consulting company is built


The fastest, easiest and most powerful way

to start getting clients for your Bank consulting business at zero cost, within 72 hours of launching your Business


How to own a highly successful multimillion dollar

bank consulting business or any other business, without doing any work in the business (by using Outsourcing service providers)


How to make hundreds of investors

line up and practically beg you to take their money to invest in your business in 7 days (where necessary)



and profit

breakthrough system

Through this system, you would discover the following:



This blueprint maps out perfectly laid plans for having 1,000-10,000% increase in your current sales revenue in the next 7 days. 100% guaranteed!


How to double your business customers, cash flow and profits In 7 days:

the fastest, easiest, zero-cost, zero-marketing, zero-risk, and heart stopping way to DOUBLE the number of customers, revenue and profits in your business within 7 days! 100% GUARANTEED!


50 quick-fix and instant cash-boosting strategies

you can use to out maneuver, outwit, out market, outsell, outperform, out earn, and out profit your most formidable competitors.


How to reactivate 99% of the inactive

customers/users in your business within 7 days flat



444 strategies to grow your business geometrically, when other businesses are struggling just to survive The major RESOURCE numbers and sections in it include:

  • 110 proven strategies to get more leads.

  • 53 amazingly simple strategies for increasing customer transaction values.

  • 57 easy to apply strategies for increasing the number of referrals.

  • 38 incredible strategies for increasing the length of time customers keeping buying from you.

  • 63 powerful strategies for boosting conversion rates.

  • 55 ‘magnetic’ strategies for increasing the frequency of purchase.

  • 68 ingenious ways for improving gross profit margin.

Simple step-by-step guide to help you create the following powerful systems…

  • Sales conversion system.

  • System for increasing the frequency of purchase.

  • System for improving gross profit margin.

  • System for increasing customer transaction values.

  • System for increasing the number of referrals.

  • System for increasing the length of time customers keeping buying from you.



Each principle is capable of catapulting your sales and profits to levels you can’t even imagine.


How to take a start-up business from zero

to millions of dollars in 30 days or less.


40 days and 40 nights of
merciless money-making


25 step by step strategies to out-compete,

out maneuver, outwit, out market, outsell, outperform, out earn, and out profit your most formidable competitors


How to create a “Risk Reversal Strategy”

that makes it virtually impossible for your prospects to say “no.” You’ll get more customers than you thought possible just from this little known “secret”.


An 8-step automated client attraction system that will

“spit out” an almost endless supply of qualified prospect’s who are itching to do business with your business (and only your business)– and will continue to do business with your business for years to come.


How to position your business as the “obvious solution”

in the mind of a prospect! Once you’ve done this prospects will be afraid of doing business with any of your competitors – even if you competitors have been dominating your market for the last 40-years or more.


8 Fast cash strategies to create a surge of cash for your business –

just like magic


Exactly what you should say in your newspaper,

magazine or Yellow Pages ad to “divert” all prospects to your business (and only your business) – this will increase the profits from your advertising by a factor of 2000% or more.


Naked Marketing” BLUEPRINT To Flood

Your Business With A Stampede Of Clients – And Other Deviant Strategies To “Attract” People To Your Business in 24 hours!


Extreme Business Strategies For

Radical Results – Operations Resource Manual – A compilation of resources that will help you operate your business in the most effective, most efficient and most profitable manner possible.



Here’s a $5,000,000 gift for you and they are the coolest collection of done-for-you marketing materials that you can edit and use for your own projects. It contains sample marketing materials you can use to achieve an increase of 1,000-10,000% in your sales revenue in 30 days. it includes:

  • All the adverts, business proposals, sales letters, presentations, radio commercials, fliers, brochures you will ever need ,already done for you

  • All the advertising you’ll ever need already written and blueprinted for you.

  • All the promotions you will ever need to run, already planned out and written for you.

  • All the ways and tools to win millions of customers already laid out for you







Instant Bad Loans/Debt
And Toxic Assets Solutions System


Your Own

Loan Exchange

Platform Fully Set Up

LOAN EXCHANGE is a breakthrough and revolutionary platform designed to electronically convert bad loans, distressed assets and troubled receivables into 100% cash and profitable liquid assets.

LOAN EXCHANGE is a global platform that will connect and facilitate transactions between banks, financial institutions, loan professionals and investors – all interested in buying, selling or/and investing in existing loans, new loan origination, distressed mortgages and toxic assets, and groups of loans as well as in the conversion of toxic financial assets to profitable liquid assets.

This is the technological ‘back-office administrative’ platform, needed to operate your trade exchange business as well as a bank consulting business. This software is a complete world-class loan exchange management system featuring 24/7 trading in an online internet marketplace. It is fully eCommerce enabled.






  • – All of the banks and credit unions in the United States

  • – Every bank’s REO (foreclosed property) portfolio information

  • – All of their non-performing loan reports – including health and other “sell” indicators

  • – All of the contact details for the KEY decision makers

In addition to all the banks and credit unions in the United States, you’d also get:

  • – Access to a fully searchable database of verified investors (search by keyword, location or asset type)

A vast database of loan servicers – including industry reviews of REO asset management companies, BPO companies, loan servicers, special servicers, service descriptions and more…

With this software, you’d be able to achieve the following:

  • – quickly search through a comprehensive database of banks, credit unions, lenders and the assets, loans and deals they are holding based on specific searches relevant to your needs

  • – Get detailed analysis of the any bank or credit unions portfolio

  • – Gain access to ALL of the contact information of the key personnel and decision makers at your finger-tips





A compendium of manuals and special reports

An incredible source of comprehensive manuals and reports that can be used to ethically “bribe” a prospect to meet with the Consultant, provide extra value to a proposal, consulting package or to enhance the sale of a particular product. Included in this Quantum Consulting business package you will also receive:

Million Dollar Consulting Process Manual

This is the encyclopaedia of your Quantum Consulting business. Here you will discover how to convert your clients problems and challenges into money making opportunities and bottom line profits.

Million Dollar Business Software,Templates –

Having the right tools for the job makes anything easier. Quantum’s proprietary software and templates make acquiring and consulting with clients really simple.

Million Dollar Business & Marketing PowerPoint Presentations

Knowing what to say in a logical, sequential format, and having colorful supporting graphics not only makes a Consultant look professional, but gives them the confidence they need to demonstrate their competence. These professionally prepared PowerPoint presentations have been proven time and again to produce positive and predictable results.

Million Dollar Business Optimization Calculator –

This one tool is the single most important factor in determining how much help a consultant can be to a business. Plug in the figures provided by the business owner, and they can immediately see the value the Consultant can be to them. No guessing. No estimating. Just results – the only thing that adds profits to the bottom line.

Million Dollar Client Literature, Brochures, Marketing & Sales Aids And More –

Quantum provides an all-inclusive program for their Consultants. There’s an abundance of aids and materials to help ensure the success of each individual Consultant, and more are constantly being created. As they’re completed, they are released to each Consultant.

Million Dollar Marketing Systems Manual –

If you approach your business correctly, you don’t need a lot of different techniques, tricks and gimmicks to market yourself. All you need are a few very effective, well-proven systems that work time after time.

Million Dollar Systematic Approach To The Consulting Process

A complete guide for determining exactly where your client’s business is, what their potentials are for improvement and what steps need to be taken to achieve their goals.

Million Dollar Business Audit Tool:

Included, is a 40-page audit that has been described as the most comprehensive tool of its type. It can quickly position you as a consultant that “knows your stuff” before any size or type of business you ever do business with.
Any consultant operating with less than this complete step-by-step system or audit tool will not have a chance competing with you in a million years.

The Business Acceleration System

This thick manual is actually a “paint-by-the-numbers” workbook that leads you step-by-step through a detailed system designed to uncover problem areas within a business, and quickly and effectively turn them into profit-producing centers. With this manual in their hands, virtually anyone can be a master consultant in a matter of hours.

Million Dollar Breakthrough Business Success System –

Perhaps the most comprehensive business development guide in existence, this complete guide to business maximization can stimulate great ideas for you, the consultant, or can be sold to a business owner so they can implement the strategies on their own.

Million Dollar 444 Profit-Generating Idea Stimulator –

This manual contains more than 400 of the most effective marketing strategies any business can use. Presented in capsule form and rated on a 1 to 5 scale as to their effectiveness, they’re a real idea-generator for the consultant looking for ideas to implement in any business.

Million Dollar Extreme Business Strategies For Radical Results

– Operations Resource Manual – A compilation of resources that will help you operate your business in the most effective, most efficient and most profitable manner possible. Included are examples of consultations with other businesses that will give you ideas on what to do with your clients.

Million Dollar Consultant’s-Only Website Access

From time to time Quantum develops new or additional information that will help you run, operate or market your business more effectively, and that will help you in your consulting efforts with your clients. This information will either be sent to you via regular mail, fax, email, or may be uploaded to a special password-protected website for you to download. In most cases, there will be no additional charge or fees for this information or materials, unless there is a necessity for hands-on training, or production or shipping costs.

Million Dollar Billion Dollar Rolodex

You’ll own 100% usage rights to all your marketing tools, sales letters, postcards, presentations, ads, press releases, client generation reports, client testimonials, manuals, my billion dollar consultants list of service providers and more – everything you need to use or work with is included.
This is the complete system, business models, tools, software and resources. You get the soft copies in downloadable format.

Million Dollar Consultant’s Marketing Systems Guide –

Quantum’s proprietary marketing systems are some of the most effective lead generation strategies in existence. These step-by step processes have been carefully designed to get past the gatekeeper and capture the attention and interest of the decision maker, and then compel them to contact you to learn how Quantum’s strategies can help solve their business’ biggest problems.

Million Dollar Marketing Strategies Handbook –

This manual contains 444 of the most effective marketing strategies any business can use. Presented in capsule form and rated on a 1 to 5 scale as to their effectiveness, they’re a real idea-generator for the Consultant looking for ideas to implement in a business. The sections include:

  • 110 Ways To Generate More Leads

  • 38 Ways To Increase The Number Of Years Customers Do Business With You

  • 53 Ways To Increase The Size Of Customer Transactions

  • 68 Ways To Boost Profit Margins

  • 55 Ways To Increase The Frequency Of Purchase

  • 63 Ways To Boost Conversion Rates

  • 57 Ways To Get More Referrals


Quantum Comprehensive Business Reference Reports

And here’s the list of extensive, powerful reports that will provide you with additional powerful marketing force.

How To Take A Start-Up Business From

Zero To Millions of dollars in 30 days or less.

How to command $15,000, $150,000,

or even $250,000 per client per month

One simple secret to landing big clients

that can pay you $250,000 per month (learn this mind blowing simple secret and you will never want to ever do business with clients that cant afford to pay you $250,000 again).

How to build a waiting list of profitable clients within 2 weeks of starting your business

  • 16 Golden Rules to Immediately and Massively Grow Your Business PLUS: 120 Brainstorming Marketing ‘Power Tools’ Your Clients Can Use Today!

  • 26 Marketing Mistakes That Can Be Fatal To Your Business, And How To Keep Them From Crippling You Precise effective marketing techniques. He who markets well wins – and wins big!

  • Fast And Easy Way To Multiply Your Profits By 2700% And Get Instant Cash-Flow You Can Use For Anything You Want To Invest In

  • 95 Powerful Tips For Converting Your Advertising And Direct Mail Campaigns Into Powerful “Customer Magnets” Apply These Insiders’ Secrets To Your Clients Business And Gain That All-Important “Unfair Advantage” Over The Competition!

  • How To Develop A Multimillionaire Mentality The Insiders Action Guide To Creating Mega Wealth And Lifestyle. This report covers what really matters for wealth creation.

How To Make investors line up and practically beg you

to take their money to finance your projects, business or opportunity

$100 million dollar copy writing course

Copy writing Manual How to create killer sales copy for your ads, sales letters and all other marketing material. A proven, high response and World class, 14 step system.

How to Write A proposal That’s Accepted Every Time; plus samples of irresistible winning proposals you can COPY, PASTE AND USE

Business Growth Principles The 42 Business building concepts to make a business strategically unstoppable. Plus 16 fast cash strategies to flood your clients business with instant money.

Deal Making Manual The consultants ultimate guide to consulting, investing and joint venturing. This manual takes consulting to a new, unique and far more advanced level.



This is the backbone of your trade exchange business.

This platform will give you the ability to create, issue, and manage any amount of trade credit loans for your trade exchange members, up to $100 billion per year.


This $100 billion is NOT $100 billion CASH. It is trade credit–a virtual currency which can be used to buy goods and services, assets, and properties from millions of members of the trade exchange online. You can buy cars, computers, real estate, business, and personal items, etc. In fact, anything you can use cash to buy can be bought using trade credit.

Most importantly,

trade credit can also be converted to cash . A simple guide on the different ways you can convert trade credit to cash is included in the trade exchange solutions manual.



24/7 Forever

You’d get unlimited email support from us for one full year!

“auto-pilot” by outsourcing A-Z of your whole Bank consulting business processes,

If you have any questions about marketing, mailing lists, or whatever, just call us! However we can help you, we will.
You are not alone with this project!

As you can see, this “business opportunity” gives you everything you need to succeed!

There’s nothing left to chance and there’s nothing for you to guess about!

When you get your package, all you need to do is to read through the fast start guide, and start using the marketing materials included in the package, and start booking appointment with banks in your area, eager to hear about your service. Start signing consulting service agreements with banks, and receiving your money. It’s that simple!

Support to help you get your first BANK client in your first 30 days after business is set up.

Support to help you engage the services of outsourcing service providers that‘d help you run and manage your business 24/7/365.

Support to help you close deal with clients

Lifetime Support and Continuing Education

One thing that makes our licensees so successful is the ongoing support that we provide after your training and your business is fully set up.

Whether it’s your first week in business or ten years down the road, we are always there to guide and advise you in any situation. Our trainers, consultants and founders are always an email or phone call away to guide or assist you in any way.

After your initial training, we will continue to educate you and provide you with new cutting edge programs to further develop your bank consulting business for no additional fees.

Our success is solely based on your success, so we have a vested interest in making sure you succeed with your business.

SUMMARY OF What You Will Get, When You Invest








World Class, State-of-the-Art Optimized Website


The Business Starter Pack


Printed copies of business identity package


Your Own Limited Liability Company For Your Consulting Business;


Bank Consulting Business In A Box Documentation Pack


Your Own Business Virtual Office


187,000 Finance and Banking Industry Executives Email Lists-2013 updated list.


Already Done-For-You Marketing Materials & Presentation resources


Million Dollar Bank Consulting PowerPoint Presentations


Bank Consulting Business Mastery Training Program


Revenue and Profit Breakthrough System that shows you “How To Increase Revenue And Profits By 1000-10,000% or 10-100 times FASTER, In 7 Days, With No Risk, No Effort, No Extra Expense, and No Investment Whatsoever on your part”


Instant Bad Loans/Debt And Toxic Assets Solutions System License


Blueprint for generating $9 million from your Bank consulting business in 365 days!


Support To Help You Get Your First BANK Client In Your First 30 Days after business is set up


$250,000 Advert Copy Writing critique Service Certificate To review & correct Advert Materials For You (1st 12 months)


$250,000 Consulting Service Certificate For Fast Client Acquisition Strategies (1st 12 months)


Customized Bank Consulting Business Plan


Ongoing Training


Projected Income For 1st Year Of Your Bank Consulting Business

$9 million
$90 million

Your Percentage Share Of 1st Year Projected Income


Your Share Of Income (1st year’s return on investment)

$4.5 million>
$67.5 million

Support to help you engage the services of Outsourcing service providers that‘d help you run and manage your business 24/7/365.
So that the only work you do, would be to monitor and oversee your business progress through daily reports submitted to you and your daily bank balance reports


Business Set up duration

30 days
30 days

Your Own bank consulting business organization fully set up


In-Depth Instruction And The Trade Secrets To making fortunes in a bank consulting business


Presentation Mastery training program


Support to help you close deal with clients


Support to help you execute deal and implement solutions for your client


Support to help you render your consulting service to your client


Email Technical Support 24/7 For 12 Months


The exact emails and letters you’ll use to contact your prospects.


The exact emails and letters you’ll use to contact your prospects


Legal agreements for your bank consulting deals


Everything you need to know to implement and keep your deals on track


“Instant Bad Loans/Debt And Toxic Assets Solutions System”


Million Dollar Prospective Clients Software


Million Dollar Business Consulting Library


Your Own ‘Loan Exchange Platform’ Fully Set Up


License and business set up fees


Yes, I’d like to start the application process




We have opportunity for ten new licenses available, today.

As soon as we get the next ten new licensees, this licensing opportunity should be closed for good. If you don’t apply to invest today, you’d find out when you eventually do, that we are no longer issuing new license to new consultants.



To get started, click the link below that says “Yes, I’d like to start the application process” and fill the application.

I will personally review your application to determine if you’ll be accepted and get back to you within 24 hours.

So, submitting your application does NOT guarantee that you’ll be accepted into the program. But it does guarantee you priority consideration on a first-come, first served basis for one of the 10 available licensee spots, depending on your country of residence, or the country you want to operate your bank consulting business from.

With that understanding in mind, just click the link below to get application for bank consulting business license started.

I look forward to having you in the program. And to helping you enjoy the financial rewards and lifestyle available from building your 6 or 8-figure bank consulting business.

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